welcome to heaven

Welcome to my humble abode, a cozy virtual cottage in the clouds. this site is primarily just for me to express myself, talk, share things like my interests, art and ocs, and for fun. feel free to look around! i am a pretty inexperienced coder and i've never really created a site from scratch before, so i am still learning the ropes! as a result, a lot of this code is from f2u resources. this website will likely always be a wip, I also might change things from time to time. This site is not optimized for mobile and is best viewed on desktop. I hope you enjoy checking out my site, even if there isnt much yet! To open the cbox, click the little pixel on the cbox button. i hope to add shrines, pages for my ocs, and a dream diary when i am less busy.

Note: since this is still unfinished, (i will probably be updating it gradually) there is no credits page at the moment. This will serve as my credits for now! purinland and are HUGE inspirations for this site, please check them out when you have a chance! I used a layout template by, and a lot of the codes i used were from, some are also from also, i code this on a screen with low brightness due to sensitivity. if anything looks out of place or is hard to read, please dont hesitate to let me know!

about me!
hello everypony :3 my name is rue! i am sixteen, nonbinary boygirl/bigender, bisexual, and i love drawing and collecting art and ocs. i mostly draw digital art.
i love my interests, seals (and other various marine life), taking naps, watching movies, reading, and occasionally browsing the web.
im an aries sun aquarius rising. i collect plushies here and there, i have quite a few sanrio plushies. i like some rock, pop, punk, riot grrrl, indie, and new wave music. but really i'll listen to anything if i like it!
interests :3
furry art, seals, mario, welcome home, the ghost and molly mcgee, animal jam, Wolfwalkers, Princess tutu, Pinky and pepper forever, Puss in boots, wadanohara and the great blue sea, The owl house, Sonic prime, The umbrella academy, Dead end paranormal park, My little pony